Using Search - Locations + Lat/Long

You can view the video below on how to use the search tool, or you can read the step by step guide below.

Search (Free Version)

To conduct a search:

  • Type your query directly in the search box.

A drop-down of possible search completions will appear under the search box. By clicking one, you will be immediately focused on the location. 

Location Search with Latitude + Longitude

It is possible to search for locations using Latitude and Longitude. Place your coordinates in the search box and click the looking glass icon. 

Once the seach option is clicked, the map will zoom to the location with the Longitude and Latitude noted. To add a marker, click "Add Marker"

Advanced Search (VIP Upgrade)

The search feature in Scribble Maps is an exciting feature that searches Google Maps addresses, text, layers, markers and mapped locations! 

To conduct a search: 

  • Type your query directly in the search box.

  • A dropdown with possible matches will appear.
    1. If the location/information you are seeking appears, select it from the dropdown menu.
    2. If the location/information you are seeking does not appear, continue typing your query and select Enter when complete.
      1. The search engine will include results from Google Maps and Scribble Maps.

  • Choosing a location will cause a text box to appear with the name of the location and an option to add a place marker.

  • The drop-down list will also have the option of choosing local hospitals, hotels, train stations, etc.

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