Using MapYourList and Scribble Maps

The following instructions will help you combine maps made with and

1. Navigate your browser to the following URL


Navigate through the Scribble Maps Menu interface by clicking MENU and then Map Your List

2. Login to Map Your LIst with the same credentials as Scribble Maps. 

3. Create your map with the instructions and then save

4. Navigate to your Scribble Maps profile and click on MENU > Your Maps (with the file cabinet icon). Here you will find your saved map from

5. You will see the next map screen with the location points generated. In the top right corner there is embedding, sharing or download KML file choices. If you have not used the same profile to login as Scribble Maps, click to download KML file.

6. Open Scribble Maps and log in to your registered account. Click MENU then Upload KML

7. Choose Upload File in the next popup window and select the downloaded KML file

Once uploaded successfully, Scribble Maps will confirm. Click ok to dismiss

8. Your generated location markers will appear on your new map. 

8.  Save your map and then you will be able to access it again under MENU > Your Maps

For saving instructions, please follow the next link:

If you have any further questions regarding this process, please get back to us through 

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