Lines - Draw/Delete/Edit

You can view the video below on how to draw, delete and edit lines for your map, or you can read the step by step guide below.

To draw a line:

Select the Line tool from the top menu bar.

Select the line color and opacity by clicking on the line color chooser.

Select the desired border width and line style by clicking once on each option.

Click and drag between the two intended points on the map to create the line.

Edit / move line

To edit or move a line:

Select the Edit Overlays button.

Select one of the following ways to edit and/or move the line:
  1. Click and drag the line to the another location.

  2. To add sections within a line:
    1. Click once the “+” handle bar on the line to create additional handle bars without moving the line.
    2. Click and drag the “+” handle bar to simultaneously move a part of the line and add a section.

  3. Click and drag any handle bar to move parts of the line.

Edit / Change Color

Select the desired color from the pencil icon and color chooser from the MENU toolbar
Choose the paint bucket tool and click anywhere along the line to change the color of the line

Delete line / part of a line

To delete an entire line or part of a line:

Select the Eraser tool from the top menu bar.

Select the area to be erased. There are two options:
  1. Click on the line to erase the entire line. 

  2. Click on a handle bar to erase the section of the line section immediately to its left.

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