Custom Styling Maps (Advanced Options)

It is important to note that only Google Maps has the ability to be Custom Styled or Advanced Custom Styled. To style a map with precision choose the Custom Styles option at the bottom right corner of the work-space.

1. Choose the Custom Styles link beside the Google Maps drop-down and an styling interface will pop up.
This simple styling tab will enable you to choose different colored maps and toggle map items on and off. Ensure you save your map after for the style to take effect.

2. Click the Advanced Mode link at the bottom of the styling interface to access more complex options.

3. Use the advanced interface to choose either all elements of the map or specific elements to apply the styling. Then choose the options you would like to change in color, line weight, gamma, inverted lightness etc. You will see a preview of the styling in the map view on the left.

4. When you have finished styling the map using the left view, simply click the "Add Styler" button to transfer styling to the present map preview. If it is satisfactory, click "Save Style" and it will apply to the entire map. If not, click the trash can icon in the top right corner and the styling will go back to last saved. 

**It is possible to style specific elements on the same style preview. Anything that is not needed can be deleted via the trashcan icon***

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