Account Receipt & Invoice FAQ

Where can I find a receipt?

If you upgraded a receipt will either go to the email you upgraded if you paid with a credit card or it will go to your paypal email. We send receipts out every month or year depending on how you paid. You should receive your first receipt shortly after upgrading.

What if I can't find my receipt?

First you will want to check your spam email and make sure it didn't get lost. The receipt will be from Scribble Maps / 52 Stairs Studio.

The receipt is not in my spam?

At this point you will want to send us a note with the email you upgraded. If you paid with a credit card, we can put in a manual request to send you a receipt. Paypal will not allow us to manually send a receipt, so if you paid with paypal you will need to login to your paypal account to retrieve a receipt.

Can I get an invoice?

We don't usually provide an invoice unless you did a bulk purchase with us. We generally don't do this because it can sometimes lead to confusion because account upgrades are always paid in advance. If your country requires an invoice for tax reasons, we will do it but only for memberships paid annually. We eventually will have a more robust account system that will allow for invoice generation on demand, but it is currently not implemented yet.

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