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i made an map but when i wanted to view it i could not find it when i typed the name of the map



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    Mike Carter

    Hi, all the maps you saved and created should be under menu and your maps.

    Hope this helps.

  • Will Penny

    I've experienced something similar. When I saved my maps, I couldn't later find them  the menu saved folder. However, I luckily downloaded a copy to my desktop as a smjson file which contained the "map id" in the filedname. Unfortunately thoug,  I could not figure how to load by the json file as the import feature did not recognize the file type. I had to enter the map id. Not a big deal at all, and I know what to do now, but confused me at first as well. Software looks good overall, and I hope to find it helpful for my business. 

  • Will Penny

    The issue resolved itself after I logged out and logged back in a few minutes later. It's a new account so it might take the database a minute to do its thing.

  • Mike Carter

    Hi Will, I am glad everything was resolved. 

    A few notes: 
    - You can import any file into Scribble Maps by simply dragging and dropping the file from your desktop to anywhere on the Scribble Maps screen.
    - Before exiting Scribble Maps, always double check that the map you are working on has saved correctly. I always use the quick keys of ctrl+s to save my maps.
    - If you have trouble finding a saved map you can try logging out and back in, or performing a hard refresh. 
    - The saved maps are sorted into three categories: last updated, date created, and alphabetically. 
    - You can find a saved map by typing the name or keywords of the map title in the search bar in the saved maps section. 



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