2. Export map data to Shape file format  ·  completed

  3. Display colour-coded image overlay based on remote CSV file XYZ data.

  4. Add ability to import from gps data via web tool, maybe even use gpsbabel for conversion/imports  ·  completed

  5. Add Analytics Functionality  ·  declined

  6. Today (12 July) I am unable to save a image using Scribblemaps. Is there some problem with Scribbemaps at the moment?some prob  ·  completed

  7. Great work! when do you plan to launch color change?  ·  completed

  8. A bug in saving changes  ·  completed

  9. Possibility of using some webservice to reproject shapefiles to Google Spherical Mercator projection  ·  under review

  10. Add Functionality to add, delete, edit and rename different layers  ·  completed

  11. be able to import directly from a Google Docs spreadsheet  ·  under review

  12. Create a user guide for the importing of data.  ·  completed

  13. ability to "bulk edit/mark up" for example: all schools, goverment buildings, churches in a certain territory  ·  completed

  14. Scribble maps is working great for me, but if I could have;  ·  completed

  15. set some maps personal and not acessible by url  ·  completed

  16. Have a way to save your work without losing the data.  ·  under review

  17. Text Marker Options  ·  under review

  18. Would it be possible to add GPS data, keyed to the cursor or the central crosshair?  ·  under review

  19. add option to upload shapefiles with attribute tables for selection and display like  ·  under review

  20. Clarify projection and file size for uploading shapefiles.  ·  planned

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