Map Password Incorrect

If you are getting a map password incorrect error, there are a couple other reasons this could occur besides just typing the incorrect password.

1. The map was created anonymously without a password
Maps created without an account and a blank password are open to everyone. The issue could be that the map had no password to start with. It should be noted that if an anonymous map is saved by someone who is logged in, the first person to save it will essentially "claim" it. Maps created under an account without a password can only be saved by the original creator.

2. The Password was changed
If the map was created by someone, they can change or remove the password at any time and this would limit your ability to change it.

3. The Map ID Already exists
When manually setting a map ID, keep in mind that someone else could also be using it and if they set a password or it is associated with their account, you will not be able to save it.

What do I do if I can no longer save a map?

When saving a map you can change the map ID to anything. If you change the map ID to a new map ID and save it, you will effectively make a copy of the map. This is the easiest way to continue to work on a map that you have either lost access to or have forgotten the password for.

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